Short Stories


“Wow… That was like our generation’s Star Wars,” a woman said, having just gotten out of the movie theater with her friend. “Really? You think so? I mean, sure, it was good and all, but… Star Wars? That’s a pretty high bar,” her friend said, brow raised. “Yeah, yeah. I know. Still, though, it was

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Sacrifice and Magic

Callie yawned, looking up at her parent who was busy packing all of her things. She had decided to come back home in-between years, and it was now time to go back to the fantastic school. Her Mother was a little saddened by her little mage having to leave again, but it was for the

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A Demon Door

A little girl isn’t supposed to be out this late. That’s what the voice likes to say. Really, that’s what most of the creepy crawly, bumping in the night sort of creatures like to say. You know – the ones that the adults don’t want you to believe in. They live in closets and under

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Have you ever spent so much time looking in the mirror that you’re not sure if you recognize yourself anymore? The world dripped. It melted from the mirror into a pool of disjointed reality formed from your brain. Or was it your brain anymore? The reflective metal pool now at your feet showed you a

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