It’s this Shit that Makes me Believe

“There was a tap at my bedroom window. I swear to you, I fucking heard it, and I don’t think a bird would be flying at two in the morning.”

“I guess. I still think you were just dreaming.”

“I wasn’t even asleep yet.”

“Then… I dunno. Just look out the window or something? I want to go back to sleep. Calling me this early is not fair.”

“Jeane. That’s a classic horror movie move. Just look out the window? Do you want me to get killed?”

Sigh “No.”

“Come up with a better idea. I can’t just look outside.”

“Well if someone was going to do anything to your window, they probably would have by now. Plus they would probably be able to hear you talking on the phone.”

“NOT helping!”

Another sigh “Alright. Well. How long has it been by now? Have you heard another knock?”

“It’s been like five minutes… I don’t know. It’s not like I timed the thing… and no, I haven’t heard another knock.”

“Then you’re fine. I seriously doubt even a wild animal, much less an impatient human, would wait outside for five whole minutes or longer. Humans don’t like waiting that long for food, much less some weird jumpscare. If they were a burglar, they wouldn’t knock.”

“I guess that makes sense…”

“Just look outside already so I can get back to goddamn sleep.”

“Fine. Fine… Just… wait a moment, alright?” A shriek

“Abby! What the hell? What was it? What was outside?”

“Holy shit, Jeane.” Heavy breathing “This is the sort of shit that makes me believe.”

“Makes you believe? Are you okay? What the hell was outside?”

“I swear I saw a face. It’s this shit that makes me believe in ghosts. This shit keeps happening.”